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Windshield And Tonneau Cover Grommet Anti-Scratch Dress Up Kit

MSRP: $24.00 Per Kit

Quantity: 90 pieces
Description: A windshield and tonneau cover grommet anti-scratch dress up kit which includes 90 pieces, enough to do 18 grommets with some spares.

Prevents paint from chipping and scratching off your Ural side car body loops and prevents your grommets from corroding. The cover grommets look great on your Ural and will help make it stand out. The decals help reduce windshield rattling while driving. All the grommets are installed easily with the instructions below.  Available in most Ural body colors.  The decals are made with high performance vinyl, and are the perfect touch for the Ural.
Part Number: UG 3900-PB (for Patrol Blue Gloss), UG 3900-PO (for Patrol Orange Gloss), UG 3900-TR (for Tourist Red Gloss), UG 3900-RO (for Red October Gloss), UG 3900-GM (for Olive Green Matte), UG 3900-TM (for Tan Matte), UG 3900-PW (for Patrol White), UG 3900-B (for Black Gloss), UG 3900-SG (for Silver Gloss), UG 3900-OM (for Yamal Orange Matte), UG 3900-BM (for Ural T Black Matte)

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