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Ural Racing Stripe Kit

MSRP: $175.00 Per Kit

Quantity: 1 Kit

Description: A Ural racing stripe kit that includes top tank stripe, front and rear fender decals, side car fender decals, side car top decal, and left and right side car decals.

Features: This pre-cut seven piece kit will completely transform the look of your Ural motorcycle and side car. This kit is adhesive backed and laminated for a paint quality and long lasting look.  The decals are easily installed, made with high performance vinyl, safe for all finishes, and are the perfect touch for the Ural.

Part Number: UG 4000-PB (for Patrol Blue), UG 4000-PO (for Patrol Orange), UG 4000-TR (for Tourist Red Gloss), UG 4000-RO (for Red October Gloss), UG 4000-PW (for Patrol White), UG 4000-B (for Black Gloss), UG 4000-SG (for Silver Gloss), UG 4000-BM (Ural T Black)


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