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Ural Art Deco Style Tank And Body Decal Badge Kit

MSRP: $39.00 Per Kit

Quantity: 1 Kit

Description: Ural vintage style tank and body decals designed to go on both sides of your Ural motorcycle gas tank and side panels.

Features: Made of high performance vinyl with high definition graphics. These decals are pre-cut, easy to install, and designed to match the body color or body stripes on your motorcycle gas tank and side panels.  The decals are safe for all finishes, and are the perfect touch for the Ural.

Part Number: UG 3702-PW (for Patrol White), UG 3702-B (for Black Gloss), UG 3702-SG (for Silver Gloss)

Measurements: Ural Motorcycles: 4.14″ x 2″ 2WD: 2.6″ x .7″ 750cc: 4.03 x .76″