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Motorized Bicycle Round to Round 4 Pc Cushion Clamp Kit Boost Bottle Accessory

Attention! NEW! MADE IN THE USA.
Another Innovative Two Wheel Prime Brand Part.
Manufactured exclusively by Metro Moulded Parts Inc.


It is a way to permanently or temporarily mount round accessories to other round parts… without vibration and paint abrasion to your metal frame.
This ingenious 4 piece kit is highly professional looking. Instantly solves the age old problem of paint damage, and vibration noise.

MSRP: $14.95

This kit works great with:

Motorcycle Frames
Bicycle Frames
Motorized Bike Frames
Mini Bikes
Pit Bikes
Custom Choppers
Bobber Builds
Vintage Boardtrack Racers
Anything with a round frame.

There is nothing worse for a bike building having to attach something metal to metal using zip ties alone.

Works great with mounting things like:

2 Stroke Boost Bottles
Small Nitrous Bottles
Small Brass Fire Extinguishers
Tire Pumps
Regular Size Flashlights
Any round object you can think of.

Will these clamps have other uses beside bike frames?

These clamps are also great for roll cages or tube frames and street rods.

We call this new part the “Round to Round Cushion Clamp”.

How Does It Work?

This kit is molded with heat and high pressure. Made in a grippy 70 durometer smooth jet black rubber.
The rubber pad has two conforming large round holes that are in opposite directions.

When you install and pull the zip tie tight the rubber cushion grips, conforms, and tightens on to your perpendicular round parts.
Once taught, the cushion will firmly hold and protect the accessory you added to your frame. Each rubber cushion has molded zip tie grooves.
These indentations allow the zip tie to stay in place while giving the part a seamless and fashionable style.

Whether one tube is small and the other large it simply does not matter. Our cushion clamps conform as you tighten the zip ties!

Installs in seconds with no drilling.

Stability: This kit comes with 2 rubber cushions. When you use one at the top and one at the bottom it supports the object and holds it snuggly in place near your frame. This will always protect your paint and prevent loud vibrations from added accessories. It stays where you put it and will get you a show bike look.

Zip Ties Included: Use our included zip ties or your own. Stainless zip tires or steel wires will work great as well if you prefer to use your own ties.

What diameter bike frames and objects can be connected?

The rubber clamping system will work on a wide range of round objects. Our cushion pads will conform to fit round objects as small as ¾” diameter all the way up to 2” diameter. As an extreme example you could attach a standard spray paint can to a 3/4” diameter bike frame. Very small to very large this clamp does it all!

Quality: These cushions are made from sunlight and ozone resistant EPDM. Each rubber part has a 15 year warranty. This flexible rubber is practically indestructible. Reuse this kit over and over. All you need is more zip ties.

What is Included: 4 Piece Kit

(x2) Rubber Mounts
(x2) Very Large Sturdy Black Zip Ties

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Also Fits:

Fits Harley motorcycles
Victory motorcycles
Indian motorcycles
Honda motorcycles
Yamaha motorcycles
Kawasaki motorcycles
Puch mopeds
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