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Motorized Bicycle Cable Stanchions Kit Brake Shifter Throttle Cable Accessory

Attention! NEW! MADE IN THE USA.
Another Innovative Two Wheel Prime Brand Part.
Manufactured exclusively by Metro Moulded Parts Inc.

What is the new cable stanchion? For all Standard Brake, Shifter and Throttle Cables. Finally there is a professional and better way to attach your Bike cables neatly to your bike frame and Bicycle handlebar without pinching them, causing undo friction and wear! Patent Pending.

Keep all your cables neat and far more functional with these Brand new cable stanchions with cable guides. They can be installed on any handlebar or bike tube frame as needed. This Bicycle, E-bike or gas motorized bicycle accessory is a better way to keep your cables in place. The old fashioned way to install cables just using a plain zip ties crimps your cables. This causes damage and premature wear overtime to your bikes cables… Our cable stanchions provide smoother transitions from your brakes, shifters, throttle or clutch providing increased performance. Works on any size handlebar or tube frame.

Each cable stanchion in this kit has a cushioned recessed cable cradle groove so your cables are secure and tight yet still maintain smooth action. These Stanchions are made from the finest USA made Rubber polymer of just the correct hardness/softness and will last a lifetime. Fits every Bike ever built, foreign or domestic using standard cables. Easy Install with no need to remove your cables. Whether you drive a racing bike or a street cruiser it will Increase the life of all your cables and allow for smoother function. They also look amazing after installation. Motorcycle Cable Pumps coming soon.

MSRP: $12.95

This Kit Works Great With:

Bicycle Frames
Motorized Bike Frames
Mini Bikes
Pit Bikes
Custom Choppers
Bobber Builds
Vintage Boardtrack Racers

What You Get:

x4 Black Cable Pump Stanchions
x5 High Quality Zip Ties

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