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49cc,4 Stroke Motorized Bicycle Engine Decals Graphic Detail Kit Emblem


Two Wheel Prime 4 Stroke Motorized Bicycle Engine 49cc Decals

These 4 Stroke 49cc decals are a quick, high definition solution to stylize your ugly engine covers. We all know it, the engine covers for your new motorized bicycle are really ugly. Why ride with a flat, plain, and dull cover when you can customize your bike cheaply, and make it something truly special? Get decals to customize your bicycle that are made from premium high definition graphics. Each one is perfectly contour cut to fit your engine case covers. Each kit comes with (x2) brushed look 49cc roundel high quality graphics to ensure you’re able to label your bike properly and let the law know you’re driving legally.

MSRP: $8.95

Size: Each decal is 2 1/2 in. diameter.

Please measure your round shroud recess before ordering. This decal kit fits perfectly to your 4 Stroke Engine Cover. You can install these decals in minutes and turn your bike into something show worthy. They are inexpensive and add that nice custom touch to any 4-stroke motorized bicycle or work great as a gift to someone who just bought one.

Fits: Will work on most 4-stroke Chinese engine kits.

Quality: The decals are made from a highly durable vinyl with a gloss laminate. They are constructed from a high quality proprietary 3-stage bonding process to ensure they last for years.

Each one looks great the moment they are applied. These decals won’t fade and are weather resistant. Each decal is also gas proof, heat resistant, and oil proof! Do NOT mistake these for cheap stickers. Every decal you receive is UV resistant. 100 percent guaranteed to make you happy or your money back.

Installation: Quick 5 minute installation. Instructions included with every purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is just for graphics, although they are special ones at that. You do not get a physical metal engine cover. Those are sold separately.

What You Get: 49cc decal with a brushed aluminium look (1 pair – 2 decals) 2.5″ Diameter

Made in The USA by Metro Auto Graphics.

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